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Wilfredo is very knowledgeable of the Real Estate Market and he makes this stressing process go smooth. My family and I are very thankful for his patience through the whole process. Thank you Wilfredo Estrada!!!

Johanna Gutierrez

We are really grateful that we have a place that we can call home. This would not have been possible without the help of Certezza Realty LLC. Our realtor, Wil Estrada made sure that we got the best deal within our reach. With his help we were able to find exactly what we were looking for, and it is because of his great knowledge and negotiation skills that we are able to live in such a wonderful place!

Santiago Brito

GREAT COMPANY! The most professional, dedicated and knowledgeable agent in South Florida. Your family will be safe and your dreams come true thanks to Mr. Estrada!!!!

Eduardo Denis Levy

Trabajo de excelencia, rapidez y efectividad, puse toda mi confianza en Certezza Realty LLC y no me defraudaron. Agradezco infinitamente a Wilfredo Estrada por estar disponible para cada pregunta o duda, por ayudarme a encontrar justo lo q quería y cerrar mi casa en tiempo récord.

Rosa L. Gattorno

I had a wonderful experience with Wilfredo Estrada. It was a pleasure to meet him. He provided me with outstanding service and helped us close the sale. He is a very effective, very experienced, and very reassuring when things weren’t perfect. He shared a lot of information that helped us immensely. He called frequently to check in on our progress. Wilfredo Estrada gave me an exceptional service! I would not hesitate to use his services again and recommend it to anyone who has a real estate need. Please feel free to contact me at 954-479-7769 for more details.

Isis Gonzalez Cao

Excelencia!!!! El trato profesional y amable, efectividad en los procesos y sobre todo calidad humana y profesional, es lo que hace de Certezza Realty un ejemplo de que cuando se trabaja con amor todo funciona. Gracias Wilfredo Estrada!!!

Ana Lilian Baez